Posted by: Chris | December 6, 2009

Trade from Foul Bunt Part 3!

Ok, William from Foul Bunt is the greatest trader ever. He has already sent me three different packages for the one trade I made with him a couple weeks ago. Out of the 20+ trades I’ve made so far, William is by far the most generous and nicest when it comes to trading. I highly recommend his blog as it is well worth the visit. Anyway, here is a sample of what he sent me this time around;


I needed all of these Nomar cards and was surprised to find that I didn’t have the Goudey in my collection, so thanks for filling the gap! I also didn’t know Nomar was included in SP Rookie Signatures, a box I recently busted.

Finally, Will sent me this amazing Nomar Card below. It see-through and comes frome 2006 Donruss Studio. I absolutely love this card and have deemed it worthy of a penny sleeve and top loader on my Nomar shelf. Congratulations to William, as that is pretty hard to do.

Thanks again William, and expect a thank-you package from me very soon!



  1. I’m glad you liked em man. The scan just doesn’t do that Nomar justice does it? I knew when I found that card that you’d like it. I still have another box of Nomar’s somewhere….. Have a good one man!

  2. No it really doesn’t. the card looks so much better in person. Do you know if it was an insert or if every card was like this? I wish Donruss would make cards like THIS instead of the crap they do now…

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