Posted by: Chris | December 6, 2009

Today is a Sad Day in The World of Blogging

Mario, of Waxheaven,  is closing down what is, without a doubt, the greatest sports card related blog, EVER. Period, no arguments. He is the main reason why I started this blog and why I am still collecting and reading other blogs today. He was truly the voice of the blogs. His blog managed to gain readership from big companys like Upper Deck and Topps. He held several polls that were then shown to the companys, voicing what we, the collectors wanted to see in up-coming realeses. He influenced a lot of people to start their own blogs, and had a lot of great experiences along the way. Mario truly was the Godfather of the sports card blogs. I can’t think of a single blog I’ve ever read in my almost 2 years of reading that hasn’t linked to Waxheaven or mentioned Mario’s name in one of their posts.

Personally, I always loved it when he showed off a new Canseco or Miller card he recently added to his collection. I enjoyed his great style of writing and the way he could create an entire paragraph of stories and info over one card I never even knew existed. I have had the noble honor of inspiring a coupel posts of his, as well as making a trade with him for an Andrew Miller he needed awhile back. Because of this sad news, I am going to cancel my OCA awards.(I’m sure you guys weren’t too excited about them anyways,) As I would like to give one huge award to Mario. who created The MVP of card blogs, He truly deserves all the praise and gratitude he gets from thousands of people, and even that isn’t enough. He has given away hundreds, if not thousands of cards from both companys, as well as cards from his PC for FREE.

Mario, You truly will be missed. You have changed the lives of a lot of collectors for the better, and you were always  our voice to the companies.

Thank You.


  1. […] Bloggers have been lamenting the silencing of a giant in the baseball card blogging world, and someone even wrote a poem/song parody about this sad day. Whether you agreed with Mario’s opinions or not (and I often did not, but I don’t like to rock the boat so I just kept my mouth shut), the fact is he was a very good writer and did a great job of promoting the hobby that we love. […]

  2. Very well written. I dont think anyone has taken Waxheaven off their bookmark, and I doubt anyone ever will.


  3. thank you Jay, know I will never will take it off my bookmark or sidebar .

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