Posted by: Chris | December 6, 2009

Retail is Amazing!!!

And no, I have not been drinking. I mean it. After you read this post, and along with the Willie Mays game used pants card I got last week, you will see what I mean…

I went to the dollar tree yesterday to buy some Christmas gifts for people,(mostly stocking stuffers, I’m not THAT cheap.) And I checked out their card section, if you can call it that. All they had was a box with a few loose packs of varios brands and years. I dug through it and came out with 4 packs of 2008 UDX and 2 packs of 2008 Topps. I opened them and I got some pretty nice stuff;

These were the inserts that were in 3 of the 4 packs. Pretty good players, Mariano Rivera, Ken Griffey Jr. and Jake Peavy.

The fourth pack had this insert in it..

Unlike most people, I really like UDX. It’s cheap, fun, has a few hits in it, and the inserts look like something you would find in the 90’s, which is perfect for me.

The 2 packs of Topps had nothing as far as base or inserts are concerned, but pack number 2 had this amazing “hit” in it…

I could not believe it! I pulled a stamp card of James Garfield! My first reaction was,” Who?” Then after reading the top part that says “Presidential Stamp Collection” and with a little help from my friend and yours, good ol’ Google, I learned he was our 20th president. I think I did pretty good considering it was a dollar pack from the dollar tree, of all places. The card is numbered 44/90 and these seem to do pretty well on ebay, going for about $30 dollars. I will probably end up holding on to it for a little while, but I will trade it if anyone is interested.

This was a pretty good early birthday present from the baseball card gods, isn’t it?


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