Posted by: Chris | December 4, 2009

Mariners Sign Chone Figgins

Today it was announced that the Mariners and Chone Figgins are finalizing a contract around $27 million dollars. It is surprising to see Figgins sign so early in the off-season, and nobody thought the Mariners would be the team to sign him. you can read the official story here.

Think of how deadly the Mariners line-up will be with Ichiro and Figgins batting 1-2. If they can sign a big bat like Jason Bay, who has been reported as a target for the M’s, then this could be a very interesting season in the AL West with 3 of the 4 teams in contention.



  1. Oh wow! I’ve been so into my cards today I hadn’t even heard this news and I live in Seattle.

    This is really cool. Speed up top will be fun to watch. That and King Felix. I wish Bedard would come back. He isn’t healthy often and is a bit of a baby, but he is thrilling to watch pitch.

    The Mariners have a pretty strong minor league system from what I hear lately.

    Thnx for the breaking news.

  2. No problem. Im addicted to so I try to pride myself in breaking news on trades first. I really didnt expect The mariners of all teams to sing him. I figured maybe Jason Bay but not figgins. Im a huge closet mariners fan just because the angels are so boreing to watch and the rangers and A’s are even worse. Ever since the early 2000’s the M’s were such an exciting team with alot of talent.

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