Posted by: Chris | December 2, 2009

The First Ever OCA Awards Coming Soon!

Since it is almost the end of the year, I will be doing the first ever OCA Awards (On Card Autos Awards) These will be a series of awards for different things relating to the hobby and the blogosphere. For example, some of the awards include; Best through the mail signer, best signature of the year, biggest hobby following, and the big one, product of the year. For blogs we have awards like best trader of the year, best rookie blog of the year, and of course, the MVP award for best blog of the year. The readers will have a chance to vote for all of these awards starting next week. I will put up a poll on the side bar for different catagories and you will all have a chance to vote for who you think should win each of these awards. Any blog who wins one of the awards will even recieve a prize of the trading card variety.

If there is a blog you would like to nominate, leave a comment and let me know. You can nominate your own blog as well. Try to include a link if possible.


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