Posted by: Chris | December 1, 2009

The End Is Near For Milton Bradley

No, I don’t mean his days as a Cub, but trust me, those days are long over. What I mean is Milton’s entire career. Any team that has ever signed him has hated him because he was either a clubhouse cancer, rude, obnoxios or just a plane old jerk. The only team that didn’t Bradley didn’t have behavior issues with was the Rangers and even they don’t want him back unless the Cubs eat all of his salary for the next two years. Which is smart on their part, as it just goes to show, don’t push your luck. If the Cubs could have squeezed one good year out of Bradley I would have been happy. I didn’t like the signing since day one, even before he played a single game for the Cubs. The fact that the Cubs were signing him for three years, when he has never had a deal more then a one year contract, made me sick. Then I heard it was for $30 million dollars! Bobby Abreau, a far better OFer, only signed for $5 million.

With all the problems Milton Bradley has had over the course of his career, will any team take a risk and sign him after his disasterous contract with the Cubs is over? I mean, when will enough be enough and teams realize they should shun this clubhouse cancer from baseball once and for all? Thousands of people would sell their soul to have the talent and career Milton has, and he seems to take it all for granted. You think he would have learned from his first incident to just shut up and sit down. Instead, he continues to trash talk his team in front of the media, through hissy fits when something doesn’t go his way, or blame the fans for his on-field struggles.

Milton Bradley, when will you ever learn?

This was the Highlight of the Milton Bradley-Cubs expierence



  1. Milton Bradley is sorta like Albert Belle light. Albert was healthy (until the degenerative hip injury) and a much better hitter, but their attitude issues are similar.

    Bradley will land somewhere for nearly nothing, and he better use his one last shot to have a career year. He better play like Belle.

    By the way, off topic, Belle should be in the Hall of Fame. In his ten full seasons he averaged approximately: .300 ba, 38 hr, 120 rbi.

    Puckett: 1st ballot HOF.

    Belle: 7.7% of the vote, then 3.5% the next year and off the ballot.

    Similar career lengths. Very unfair that personal hatred towards Belle erased a brilliant HOF career. Cobb must be cackling.

  2. I am going to write a post soon about the HOF ballet and who should be in and who shouldnt so stay tuned for that.
    I think Belle should be in the hall of fame in Jim Rice got in. Belle was more dominant for a longer period of time. I also think this means Dawson gets in as well as a few others like blylevin and Lee Smith.

  3. Of course, the whole steriod contriversy is probably the main reason Albert Belle isnt in IMO

  4. Okay that sounds like a good topic. I look forward to it.

    In my opinion the number one reason Belle is not even on the ballot is because the voters (the press essentially) despise him. He is one of the most hated players ever.

    The whole component of character being such a huge factor for admission is a joke. Half the voters lack character and use their votes as means of revenge. Character should be a non-factor IMO.

    A distant second is his career numbers don’t have the volume of a lot of HOFers because he was forced to retire at age 34. They do however massively surprass many HOFers in potency.

    Thirdly, I would say steroids play a role to a degree, but he was not held as the poster child and is not often mentioned in the steroid scandal.

    He is sometimes mentioned for his corked bats.

    Now Juan Gonzalez, another HOF type guy, he will definitely be held back by the steroid issue as the number one reason for his failure to make the Hall. He is more directly tied to Canseco, Pudge and Palmeiro (love that one Rangers card that has Pudge, Palmeiro, Canseco and Gonzalez – what a story there).

    Anyway, fun to think about.

  5. There is no dout in my mind Juan gonzalez won’t get in because of the steriod thing. Pudge on the other hand might get in unless it was proven that he took steriods even though most people know he did. I also agree about the voters and personality. and another thing is look at Ty Cobb…great player but off field he was a racist and a big time jerk and he’s in. that is the one thing I wish about HOf voting. Consistansy. If atitude didnt matter then, it shouldnt matter now. If someone whos numbers arent as good get in, those with better numbers deserve to be in.(ie Jim Rice and Dawson.)

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