Posted by: Chris | November 30, 2009

What’s The Big Deal With Gimmicks?

Ever since I got into the hobby, collectors have always complained about gimmick cards. First their was the Derrek Jeter card with Bush and Mickey Mantle, then their was the asterisk sweet spot card, then in 2008 we had Kazuki Uzaki or however you spell it. Then there were the upside down-cards of Fukudome, Longoria, and Bruce. Now, in 2009, collectors are upset over Topps’ newest gimmick, super short printed heritage high number cards. In case you haven’t already seen them, take a look. In my opinion, their is nothing wrong with having a little fun with baseball cards. I mean, think about it, isn’t the whole reason we collect cards because its FUN? Aren’t we supposed to enjoy collecting cards and opening packs? Apperently, like all other gimmicks Topps has made, the cards sell for big bucks. I have no problem with pulling one of these gimmicks because I know that I can either A) Sell them on ebay and make a profit, or B) keep them and add them to my collection and everytime I look at it, will no just why the card is unique. That is the whole reason Topps makes these gimmicks, to have add a little fun into collecting. If you hate these gimmicks then don’t buy them. If your a set collector then exclude them from your set. Nobody is going to tell you your set of 2009 Heritage sucks because you don’t have the SSPs. In fact, odds are that nobody but you will ever even see your complete set so if you don’t like them, don’t by them. It’s not like Topps is forcing you to have these cards. There not making you pay more for a pack that has one. So the question is, WHY do collectors care so much about weither Topps makes these goofy cards or not? I personally would rather pull one of these cards then a plain old base card because that base card, unless a player I collect, will get thrown into a box and be stuck in my basement forever. But the short printed “error” cards will either be sold or stuck in one of my binders to be looked at. I’d like to know how everyone else feels about this. I really want to know WHY collectors hate these messed up cards so much.

There’s a phrase I commonly refer to when collecting, “Collect what YOU want to collect. Not what somebody else says you should collect,” If your a set collector and you hate these because it adds a big hassle to your completed set then just don’t include them. Think about it, what do you usually do once you finish a set? You put the cards in a box and put it on a shelf. How many times do you actually go through all of the cards in that box? Is it really going to make that much of a differerence if their in there or not? And if your a team/player collector, Then you guys should enjoy these cards. If I collected White Sox I would be glad theirs a new Alex Rios card to chase that is very rare.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on the whole Topps gimmick thing. And, if your a collector of these gimmicks, which is your favorite and why?




  1. I don’t really mind most of the gimmick cards Topps has come up with over the years. I actually thought the squirrel was sort of cute.

    I think that this year’s Derek Jeter & Dustin Pedroia cards are disrespectful to the New York and Boston fan bases, but the other ones are ok.

    The only two gimmicks that have affected my collection were the 2006 Topps Series II Alay Soler and the 2008 Topps Heritage Johan Santana. I’ve never managed to convince myself to spend the necessary money to get either.

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