Posted by: Chris | November 28, 2009

Who Doesn’t Love Retail?

Well, before yesterday, I never thought it was worth the money.

I went to a Target near-by our hotel for some snacks and saw they had a sale on baseball cards. (gotta love black friday.) I saw one of those boxes that are supposed to be $10.00 and inside it is a couple packs of cards and one random jersey card. I have bought these before and the best thing I’ve gotten from these is Ryan Howard Jersey card. Well, they were marked down to $5.00 so I figured what the heck and bought one. Here were the results:

Nothing to spectacular in the packs I got. Here were the highlights.

The 3 packs I got were 2007 Fleer, 2008 Topps Series 1 and 2008 Topps UD&H

So, you all are probably wondering what my jersey card is right? well here it is:

The Great Willie McCovey! And He came in his own zip-lock bag and everything!!! The card is from 2002 Upper Deck Vintage. And the back of the card says “Willie McCovey game used pants.”  Not bad for five bucks right?



  1. good one

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