Posted by: Chris | November 28, 2009

Insane Ebay Auctions

Ok, this one is pure entertainment. This guy is trying to sell a 2009 National sports card show exhibitor’s badge for $149.99! But wait! Inside this totally awesome square piece of paper is a Dan Haren card from 2009 upper Deck First Edition! Oh boy! The seller goes on to say that:

The card inside of this badge is a REAL, OFFICIAL card, and can be taken out of the badge easily if you cut it out and peel the coating off ! I’ve tried it personally, and the card inside can be taken out, and is in MINT CONDITION. It is easily extracted once you cut into the badge with scissors (if you so choose).
The card inside this badge is a….
2009 Upper Deck First Edition Dan Haren
There can’t be but a few of these in existance!  Rare collectible meant for any fan!

It’s the last line that really gets me. It’s Upper Deck First Edition! There are thousands of Dan Haren cards from this set out their. I could pick one up for a nickel at a show, go home and make little pass of my own out of construction paper, personalize it with my name, and punch a hole in it and tie it around my neck all for about 30 cents.

I also like the part about how you can “cut it out if you so choose.” Now why on earth would I do that? I just spent $149 dollars for this thing. I love people who try to sell crap for a fortune, only to have their item sit on ebay for months until they are forced to take it down, realizing they actually lost money for the insertion fee.

Hey, at least he’s offering free shipping!



  1. What a silly description. If the seller wanted to justify that asking price, why not talk up the supposed rarity of the convention badge?

    I could probably buy a case of Upper Deck First Edition and have money left over for what he’s asking….

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