Posted by: Chris | November 23, 2009

Terrible Timing

Today, I recieved 78 page views for the blog. That is by far the most views in a single day in the 2 weeks that I’ve been writing. I want to thank all of you for reading, commenting, and trading with me. Unfortunetly for you guys, tomorrow the family and I will be taking a vacation to Florida for the week. Our flight is at 9:00 am and we won’t be back until late Friday night. This means I won’t have much blogging time, if any on the trip. I will have my laptop with me if you need to send me an email. I will do my best to write something but if I don’t, expect a ton of new posts when I get back, as well as a contest or two.

I hope that all the people who visited the site these past few days continue to check back and become regular readers. In the mean time, check out the very short but interesting archives, as well as paying a visit to the blogs I have linked in the side column. I will do my best to squeeze in one more post before I leave.

Thanks alot for making the sight so popular in such a short period of time!




  1. Happy Thanksgiving dude!!

  2. Thanks, I hope yours was good as well. You still looking to trade that Haren sketch card?

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