Posted by: Chris | November 22, 2009

Card Show Results

Yesterday, I went to my first card show since March. and I had a great time. I picked up a few cards I needed, saw some really old and cool documents signed by everyone from Babe Ruth to Michael Jackson. The show itself was HUGE! There hundreds of dealers and thousands of people. They also had autograph signing but I didn’t feel like paying close to $50 dollars for Randy Wells’ autograph. As I looked over the list of who would be signing, one thing caught my eye. It said that Randy Johnson would be signing for $80 dollars but that “Mr. Johnson will not sign any jersey with less then 5 signatures on it.” huh? So if I went up to him asked him to sign my Jersey with only 4 signatures on it, he wouldn’t do it? Besides, Who else would I have sign a Randy Johnson jersey? Radny Johnson 4 more times? That made no sense to me but whatever, I guess when you become a legendary pitcher you can do whatever you want.

Now as for what I bought, I went in with about  $150 dollars but told myslef I wouldnt spend more then $50 on wax and maybe a few Samardzija or Nomar cards. Well, my terrible self-control got the better of me and I ended up spending about $75 dollars but I don’t feel the least bit quilty because I got some incredible deals. So here is what I bought:

First up, The wax I promised everyone. I decided that I’d look for boxes last, so I wouldn’t be short on money in case I saw a single I really needed. Surprisingly, there were only 3 wax dealers there. I chose to buy from Dave and Adams Card World because they had the cheapest prices by far. I went with a box of 2007 SP Rookie Edition in hopes of maybe pulling a Ryan Braun or Tim Lincecum auto. I only Paid $18 dollars for the box! What a deal considering you get 2 autos and a lot of nice looking cards in my opinion. I will have scans and a review coming later.

Next, I bought a few really nice singles from this one guy who always seemed to have people at his table. He had a sign that said “every card=$1” So I figured I’d take a look. He had lots of really nice inserts fro mthe 90’s and some really great cards for player collectors like me! This dealer had a whole 3 row box filled with 97 Pinnacle Certified Mirror Gold cards, but none of the star players were in there. I bought a few cards from him so here they are:

Jim Edmonds Mirror Blue. He was probably the biggest star in the Mirror Blue box and since I loved him as a Cub in 2008, I decided I’d get it. I absolutley love the way these cards look. One of the best designed cards of the 90’s.

Next up, I’ve wanted this Derek Lee rookie card for so long, but never wanted to pay the price for it. The cheapest Iv’e ever seen it was $8 dollars until now. So glad I got it the design is perfect, not to mention it only cost me a dollar.

Next, I got this amazing Derek Lee card that I really did’nt pay attention to until I was home. It looks and feels just like a printing plate. It’s from 1999 Skybox Metal Universe Xplosion. It is such a sweet card.

What would a card show be like if I didn’t buy some Nomar Cards? I didn’t have any of the 4 so that was good. There all really nice looking, but I especially like the mining for gold insert from 1997 Skybox Metal Universe. (Top left.)

And finally, I bought 2 rookie cards since they were only a dollar. The first one is a 2007 Bowman Chrome Joba Chamberlain rookie. I decided that maybe he still has a chance to live up to some of the hype people were giving him in 2007 and maybe this card will be worth something. Next I got a Leaf 2001 Ichiro rookie. I don’t own a single Ichiro rookie and decided I couldn’t go wrong for only a dollar.

After maybe an hour of going through this guys stuff, I finally moved on and picked up 2 final cards, which were the best cards I got yesterday. First up;

2007 Jeff Samardzija Collegiate patch auto numbered 005/150. I’ve wanted this card for so long, but never wanted to bight the bullet. I payed $20.00 for it which was about $5 dollars less then ebay. The autograph looks great on this card.

And finally, The last card I bought, which is probably the best card I’ve picked up since this one…….

A 1961 Roger Maris card. Ever since I saw the movie 61*, I’ve been inspired to collect Roger but never really pursued it because of the cost of his cards, both new and old. I figured, Waht better card to buy then the card made in his historical 1961 season then his ’61 Topps card? Now, as for the price? Here is what made it the best deal ever, I only paid $20.00 for it! For 20 bucks I could go to Target and get a blaster of 2009 Topps and get crap, or I could buy a card that means more to be then a ’52 Mantle RC.

All in all, I had a great time, saw alot of neat cards and memorabilia, and had alot of fun talking with other dealers.



  1. Nice pickups! I especially like the Mirror Blue and Fractal Matrix cards (and of course, the Maris). BTW, this is the first time I’ve seen this blog. I must say, you’re off to a great start. Keep it up!

    I’ve added you to my blogroll as well.


  2. thanks a lot John! I hope you continue to read the site. I too am a huge fan of the 90’s cards so I am always writing about them.

  3. Yeah, the ’90s were pretty awesome, weren’t they? Anyway, you should check out some of the breaks on my site if you haven’t already. There might be some cards of interest to you (though if you come across my E-X2000 review, I must tell you the Sandberg has been traded, sorry).


  4. I have read your site before and loved the Ex review among others. If you have any Nomar Garciaparra cards shoot me an email and maybe we can work something out.

  5. Oh my god. I am amazed you got that Maris for so cheap. What a deal. Did you talk him down? What was the price he was originally asking, if so?

  6. the price he was originaly asking was $25 and he said he’d throw in a 1960 stan musial for $25 but all i had left was a $20 so he agreed. it would have been nice to get the musial though..

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