Posted by: Chris | November 22, 2009

Box Review: 2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition

When I went to the card show yesterday, like most people, I was looking for a box that was A) inexpensive and B) had alot of bang for my buck. I found just the product with 2007 UD SP rookie edition. There are 14 packs per box and 8 cards per pack. I payed $18 dollars for a box that had 2 rookie autographs from a year with a lot of impact rookies, and I also got 112 cards. In my mind, that is worth the money.

Base Cards: I really enjoyed the look of these cards. For the most part, they were all of star players and featured a great design. The only problem was I got too many duplicates in my 14 packs.

  These are some of the better base cards I got

Inserts/Rookies: In each pack you were gaurenteed 4 different designed rookie cards. There are 4 total different inserts and all of them look fantastic. My favorite design was the one on the Tim Lincecum card below. It looks like something from the 90’s and would have been even cooler if they had a die-cut version. I ended up with alot of good rookie cards and one thing I really liked was that they used different photography for the different kinds of inserts. So I got 2 different Ryan Braun rookies that included 2 different photos. Way to take care of detail Upper Deck!

 One of each different kind of RC insert

Hits: For $18 dollars I really wasn’t expected anything good hits wise, but boy was I wrong! I like the fact that you get 2 rookie card autos in each box and have a chance at some great cards like Ryan Braun, Dice-K, Josh Hamilton and Tim Lincecum. Here were my results; The good news was I got a Ryan Braun auto, the bad news was, it was the wrong Ryan Braun. After I pulled this card I was sure that my next auto was going to be another scrub. Much to my surprise, I got a Josh Hamilton auto!  I think that this card really made the box. The only bad thing about the hits is that all the autos were on stickers and not on card autos.

Final Grade: A. This product has something for everyone. It has great designed rookie cards for prospectors, well designed base cards of star players for player collectors, and each box contains 2 chances at pulling a really nice card that may be able to make your money back, which is something that most products now adays cannot do. For the price of a blaster at Traget, why not give a box of 07 SP rookie edition a shot?



  1. Nice pull on the rookies and the Hamilton.
    That Ryan Braun (KC)… I’ve never seen him pitch… But I don’t pull many auto’s . And of course, I have about 3 of him. He just pisses me off for that lol.

    But I agree with you, the Timmy RC you pulled is the nicest of the variations. I really need to pick a few boxes of this stuff up… do you know if there are any case hits in this stuff that would prompt me to go for a case?

  2. Swag, went on a few sites and haven’t read anything about a case hit. I got my box from Dave and Adams card world so check out their site to see what kind of deal they might have on a case. I’d be interested in busting a case of this myself

  3. Cool hit with that Hamilton.

    I agree, this box is a great price and fun to open. There are so many variations of cards that it feels like several sets in one pack. Nice quality cards too.

    I opened a box awhile back and got a Matt Lindstrom auto and Ben Francisco auto. Not stars but at least they are major leaguers who will be around awhile.

    I wonder if there are any other boxes for $20 (Dacardworld) that pack as much fun as this one.

  4. I bought a box of 07 masterpieces retail from them for i think it was $12.00 and I got a bunch of cool cards and a joe nathan jersey so that was deffinitly worth it.
    Also at the show they had razor letterman for $25 and fleer ultra 07 for $20 so they have alot of great deals

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