Posted by: Chris | November 21, 2009

The Original Knuckle Baller

In the early 1900’s Eddie Cicotte was one of the premier pitchers in all of baseball. When you think back to this time period and the question of “Greatest pitcher” comes up, your first response might be Christy Mathewson or Walter Johnson but how about a guy like Eddie Cicotte? In case your not familiar, he was the first true “Knuckle ball” pitcher in baseball and was even beleived to have invented the pitch. But in 1919, Cicotte, who had the chance of becoming an all-time legend, was banned from baseball along with players like Shoeless Joe Jackson. The reason? Eddie Cicotte was part of the infamous black sox scandal. He recieved a lifetime ban from baseball which meant he could never enter the hall of fame and his great career was over.

So how should the world look at Cicotte’s career? On one hand, he introduced what is arguably the most complicated and unhittable pitch in the game. On the other hand, he purposly threw the World Series and ruined the integrity of the game, along with recieveing a lifetime ban from baseball.

How do you look at the black sox scandal and the player’s who tarnished the game? Would you forgive them and let players like Cicotte and Shoeless Joe enter the Hall of Fame, or do you think there punishment was appropriate?



  1. I think you gotta keep all involved in the Black Sox scandal from ever entering the HOF. What they did was tantamount to trying to destroy baseball. If people aren’t trying to win the sport becomes pointless. It becomes Professional Wrestling.

    Pete Rose I would allow in the HOF but keep banned from any baseball activities. Rose’s transgressions came after his playing days. Also, he bet on his team but always to win. If there is evidence out there that he bet on his Reds to lose, he is as bad as the players from the Black Sox scandal.

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