Posted by: Chris | November 17, 2009

I Wonder How Much This Ball Is Worth NOW?

First of all, if you are not familiar with Zack Hample, I suggest you check out this post written by Mario of Waxheaven. He has written about Zack several times, all of which are excellent posts. Today Chris Coghlan won the NL rookie of the year which reminded me of a story Mario broke a while back. You can read this article here and Mario’s take on the situation here.

From what I have heard about Zack, I have to agree with everyone else including Mr. Coghlan. But my question now is, if Zack would have kept the ball, and had Chris sign it, how much would it go for now? Think about it, NL rookie of the years first ever career home run. If Chris Coghlan turns into a superstar that ball could double in value.

Check out this video for a good laugh about Zack  the “ball expert.”

The reporters face above says it all


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