Posted by: Chris | November 16, 2009

2009 Rookies Of The Year

At 2:00 pm today the 2009 AL and NL rookie of the year awards where announced. Chris Coghlan won the NL rookie of the year and Andrew Bailey won the AL rookie of the year.  Alot of people thought Coghlan would win but not many put Andrew Bailey ahead of players like Elvis Andrus and Rick Porcello.

Here were the final results for each league:

NL ROY Voting

Player 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Chris Coghlan 17 6 2 105
J.A. Happ 10 11 11 94
Tommy Hanson 2 6 9 37
Andrew McCutchen 2 5 x 25
Casey McGehee 1 3 4 18
Randy Wells x 1 x 3
Garrett Jones x x 2 2
Everth Cabrera x x 1 1
Dexter Fowler x x 1 1
Gerardo Parra x x 1 1
Colby Rasmus x x 1 1
AL ROY Voting
Player 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Andrew Bailey 13 6 5 88
Elvis Andrus 8 6 7 65
Rick Porcello 7 8 5 64
Jeff Niemann x 5 6 21
Gordon Beckham x 2 4 10
Brett Anderson x 1 1 4

Good luck trying to pick up cards of either of these players, as their best rookie cards are hitting extremely high prices. Andrew Bailey’s best rookie card is his 2009 Topps Chrome auto (pictured below). As for Coghlan, his 2007 Bowman Chrome auto is by far his best (also pictured below.) . If your looking for cheaper rookies of each player, Chris Coghlan has several parallels in 2008 Tristar PROjections and Andrew Bailey has several non-autographed rookies for a few bucks.





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