Posted by: Chris | November 15, 2009

Mail Day!

Yes, I know what your thinking, “today is Sunday how can there be mail?” Well, I meant to write this post yesterday but got lazy and forgot so here it is today.

Yesterday I got one of the best maildays in a long time. I recieved some things I bought off of ebay, and a TTM success as well.

First up, I got this card that I won off ebay for $18.00. It’s a 2003 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Nomar/A-rod dual patch. I really only bought it for the Nomar though. This is one of the best designed cards I have seen. I highly suggest you pick one up as most of them sell for under $20.00.

nomar arod ultimate patch

Next, I recieved this card from ebay as well. It’s a 2008 SP legendary Cuts Dan Haren 1/1. I have 2 other 1/1 of these cards. There similar to the 08 SPX Ken Griffey Jr. American Hero 1/1s. The cards are the same but the Memorable Moments are different o neach one. It’s still a nice looking card though. I paid $ 7.49 for it.

sp legendar ycuts

Fianlly I recieved a TTM request I sent out about 2 months ago to Cubs fan favorite, Mark Grace. Im so glad I got this one back as he is one of my favorite all time Cubs.

mark grace auto ttm

I sent out several TTM requests so hopefully they are starting to come back now. Some of the cards I sent out are Mike Mussina, Evan Longoria, Brett Wallace, and Duke Snider.


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