Posted by: Chris | November 14, 2009

2009 MLB Awards

This week, MLB will anounce the winners for the 2009 Cy Youngs, MVPs, ROY’s and Manager of the Year awards. It all starts monday.  Here are my picks for each award:


AL- Joe Mauer. He is easily the front runner as he lead the league in almsot everything. Not to mention he missed the first month of the season.

NL- Albert Pujols. As much as I hate to admit it, Albert deserves it. He is with out a doubt, the best player in baseball right now.

Cy Young:

AL- Zack Grienke. After all the ups and downs he had in his first couple of seasons, it was good to see Zack have such a strong year. This will be a close one, but I think Grienke jsut beats out Sabathia.

NL- Chris Carpenter. This will be the closest award race out of any of them. Lincecum and Wainright both deserve it but I think the fact that Chris came back from injuries and put together a very ncie season will give him the edge over the others.


AL- Rick Porcello. He pitched great this year for a really good team and I think he will just barely beat out Elvis Andrus.

NL- J.A. Happ. He pitched really good all year. As much as I’d have liked to see Randy Wells win this award, Happ definitly deserves it.

Managers of the Year:

AL- Mike Scioscia. This guy puts out a contendign team every year. There isn’t a team in baseball who would’nt want this guy managing their club. Mike simply knows baseball.

NL- Jim Tracey. Jim Tracey came into the Rockies organization after Clint Hurdle got fired and nobody really expected them to turn things around. The Rockies were struggling at the begining of the season but when Jim took over, They started playing great baseball.

Those are my picks for the 2009 awards. What are your’s?


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