Posted by: Chris | November 12, 2009

Sketch Cards; Underrated?

In today’s hobby, you’re nothing without owning a 1/1. Unfortunatley, the market is flooded with them to the point were the 1/1 is meaningless. Let’s take a look at some of today’s 1/1’s:

Printing Plates- No 1/1 is more overdone then the printing plate. There all over ebay and unless you manage to pull a legendary player or Jeff Samardzija, then your printing plate isn’t worth more then $15.00 and should really be numbered out of 4.

SP Legendary Cuts Memorable Moments- In 2008, Upper Deck made “1/1” cards of players comemorating them on certain games in their careers. Unfortunelty, Upper Deck made a bunch of these cards and all they did was change the memorable moment. Ungain, unless you pull a legend like Babe Ruth, your 1/1 will not sell for more then about $12.00

So with all these 1/1’s out there are any of these cards really true 1/1s? The answer to that, yes, sketch cards. Sketch cards are pieces of paper, the size of a normal baseball card, that feature an actual drawing of a player  from artists like Dick Perez and are inserted into packs, numbered 1/1. The reason these cards are so much better then other 1/1’s is because there are’nt a bunch of others that only have a slight difference. If you pull a sketch of Albert Pujols, then your the only one with that card. Their isn’t another Pujols sketch that is drawn with a different color and numbered 1/1.

So if your looking for a truly unique collection, consider a sketch card over the done to death printing plates.

haren sketch


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