Posted by: Chris | November 10, 2009

The Hobby Rainbow

If your a true player collector then odds are you have thought about or perhaps even completed a “rainbow.” A rainbow is when you have every parallel version of one card. For example, Brad of has completed several. Mario of Waxheaven has also completed, in my opinion, one of the nicest looking rainbows out their. If you can’t compete with all the big spenders out their who buy every 1/1 of your favorite player, the rainbow can be a good way to make your collection stand out from others.

My goal is to complete several rainbows. For my Nomar collection, I want to complete the Donruss Crusade rainbow of 3 cards. So far, I have the green and purple version, but I am still missing the red. As for my Samardzija collection, my ultimate goal would be to complete his Bowman chrome autogrpahed rookie. This however, is highly unlikely do to the expensive, low-numbered cards. So far, i have the base, the refractor, and the xfractor. I am missing the blue, gold, orange, and red. The superfractor was on ebay back in March. It sold for just under $1000 wuth over 20 bids.

Who’s got one of these babies for trade?
samardzija red


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